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Can an Apple a Day Keep The Doctor Away: Apple’s new Fitness+


Just so you know...I have a Samsung Android phone, so no bias here!

But you have to give credit where credit is due. Tim Cook has done it again! If Apple wasn’t a cult before, it sure is now. There is no industry in the world that bleeds their culture like the fitness industry. 

Apple is now combining their tech empire with the fitness culture. 


However, I’m all for Apple Fitness+. There is just something about in person fitness training that still holds a part of my heart. 


This interactive tech is out of this world and definitely a recommendation for those beginning their fitness journey.Can an Apple a Day Keep The Doctor Away: Apple’s new Fitness+

Let’s look at some of the features released by Apple Newsroom:

Personalized Recommendations

This is possibly my favorite feature so we’ll start here. All too often, those new to the fitness world find it most difficult to keep going due to mental fatigue. The gap between decision and action seems insurmountable and that leaves room for doubt and disappointment. The app actually quickly recommends the next workout, avoiding that gap, that considers “previously completed workouts and intelligently suggests new options that match the workouts users select most often, or something fresh to balance their current routine.”

Filtering Tools

Being able to choose what’s most important to you is a key part of retention. Among the options: type of workout, the trainer, duration, music etc. 

Fully integrated

The watch and viewing screen are synchronized. Because the trainers are actually employed by Apple, the workouts are designed and coincide perfectly with the app. 

“ For example, when the trainer says to check heart rate or begins a countdown timer, those numbers will animate on the screen.”

Activity Sharing

This creates a way to develop an accountability system with your peers. You have the ability to share workouts with friends and family, as well as social media. As a personal trainer, I would love to have this kind of system to allow my clients and I to keep each other abreast to their fitness progress. If we work out 2x a week, the client is able to share proof to the trainer that workouts were completed on non-session days. Accountability is crucial to the fitness journey for most people.


Workouts range starting from no equipment at all. For our home workout community, this is perfect for us! Not just that, but “an Absolute Beginner program built into Fitness+ will help coach the basics of movement and exercise.” 

Now, there are aCan an Apple a Day Keep The Doctor Away: Apple’s new Fitness+ bunch more features that you can definitely go to the article to check out more in-depth but the ones listed are the ones that excite me the most. Accountability, progression and personalized programming are key to any successful fitness journey.

As I said, I’m still part of the Android family BUT this Apple news has me excited for the fitness industry. The more people that have access to quality fitness tools the healthier the world has the potential to be.

The tech won’t give you motivation and discipline...but if you have those already, this can be a great tool to keep going.

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