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Get Off Your Knees: Learn To Do A Real Push Up

Get Off Your Knees: Learn To Do A Real Push Up

Get ready to change your life. This article will show you the most effective way to learn to do a traditional push-up, regardless of age or weight. 

The amazement and renewed motivation I saw on my clients face when they finally did a full traditional push-up was priceless. From 70+ year old women to near 300lb grown men, being able to do something for the 1st time since you were a child is liberating.

Check this out: STOP DOING HALF PUSH UPS! You’re slowing your progression and taking away from your core development. This is what a half push up looks like 

The half pushup: knee pushup | Revolutionize Fitness

In the proper push up position, the feet are together, glutes are squeezed, and the back is in a neutral position.

In a half push up, you are neither training the proper movement, nor using or training many of the muscles involved in the push up. In this position, you are taking your legs out of the equation entirely. It becomes incredibly difficult to engage your glutes and you also don’t need to stabilize your lumbar spine or hip complex as much. These are all crucial parts of the push up and lead to many of the benefits we receive when doing them.

Thus, it becomes more difficult in transitioning to the full push up because you’ve been neglecting these crucial segments.


Okay, okay..so how do I learn to do a real push up if knee push ups don’t help?

Begin an Proper Incline Progression

The Push Away

Push away: pushup progression | Revolutionize Fitness

Changing the incline has the benefit of allowing you to control how fast you progress through. As you spend time with each angle, your body is efficiently and safely engaging the muscles necessary for the movement while also protecting the structures of your body.

Incline pushup: pushup progression | Revolutionize Fitness

For the overweight or the elderly, this way of progression protects the joints and re-engages dormant musculature. Maintaining a strong core is especially important for this group and incline push-ups enable engagement of the back, hips and abdominals.

How long does this take!?

There is no miracle time period that fits everybody. Unfortunately, there are many different variables that play into the development of anything in life. What I can say is that you can take as long as you want moving through the progression until you feel capable. But you must trust yourself. If you’ve been doing low incline (around 30 degrees or so) for a few weeks, there’s no shame in trying a traditional push-up. And if you can’t do it, then you go back to the incline.

What to take from this article? 

Graduate from knee push ups. I mean, to each his own. However, I've seen tremendous results in my clients in the past after we made the transition. The most important neglected element I see in the knee push-up is the core activation (knee, back, and hips). Push-ups are a great exercise precisely because they incorporate all these things. To transition from an exercise that doesn’t encourage their development to one that relies on it just doesn’t seem like the best way to maximize your fitness. 


Pro Tip: If you’ve become proficient at low incline push-ups but just can’t seem to do the traditional...try wide stance push ups! More challenging than an incline push up, but not quite as difficult as the full push up, this makes it an excellent training tool for beginners. The wider foot stance decreases the difficulty of the full push up by shortening the distance between your shoulders and your feet, so that your lower body takes more of your body-weight and lightens the load taken by the shoulders.

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Pushup board | Revolutionize Fitness

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