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OMAD Diet: Benefits of Eating One Meal A Day

What’s special about this Revolutionize community is that we are all real people.

We have families, demanding jobs and a myriad of other challenges that life decides to throw at us. That is why we’ve come to learn how to maximize our time and energy with home exercise. The last few episodes of our podcast highlighted the importance of nutrition in our fitness journey. So how does OMAD, One.Meal.A.Day, dieting fit into our mission.

Nutrition plays several roles in our health and fitness. Without getting too scientific, we’ll just note the two most appropriate ones: Energy and discipline.

Energy. Calories in food “give us energy” to put it simply. The most demonized word in the fitness industry is merely a way to represent the energy potential of the food we intend to consume. To go just a little more in depth, different food items produce varying levels of energy and ease with which it is extracted.

Discipline. Not only eating what is best, but also when it is best to eat. Many of us struggle with 2 things: not eating or eating the wrong things. Giving in to urges late at night, social eating and impulse eating are just a few.

Where does OMAD fit in?

Remember when we said different food items produce varying levels of energy? Well guess what, FAT gives us the most energy of all sources our body uses. That’s right, fat. Take a second from reading this and do a quick body scan, do you have any fat on you? Can you grab a fold on your arm? Tummy? Love Handles? 

Here’s the trick. The body stored that hamburger you ate 3 months ago right there. Those McNuggets you stress ate after work last year, your body stored that for use later in case you ever get stranded on an island somewhere. You see, the body is always working to keep us alive in the present and also keep reserves for emergencies in the future.

What does that mean? You can recycle that stored food. 

But how?

Being in a fasted state (a state where you are not externally providing the body with energy sources) allows the body to search for sources of energy already present. For most, OMAD is used to jumpstart the weight loss process. It allows for 23 hours where the body is utilizing carbs and fat already present to produce energy. In that 1 hour, there are no restrictions on what or how much you eat.

Energy. Although OMAD doesn’t allow for more sources of energy to be added to the system regularly, it does give the body the space to utilize sources that are already present. This can add to the efforts of those who desire to reduce weight or fat level. Moreover, the energy of choice will be extracted from fat. As we mentioned, fat produces the most energy. So, when done correctly, you may experience even more energy practicing an O.M.A.D diet.

Discipline. Fasting is the ultimate practice of discipline. If you’re able to go 23 hours without eating, you’ve definitely earned the right to let loose during that hour. During this time you’re developing valuable skills of patience and confidence. Not being able to give in to urges and cravings. Finding more constructive coping mechanisms for life’s stresses gives you a power you’ve never known.

Now, there is a depth to this that we won’t cover here but you’ve got the basics. If this sounds like something that would be beneficial for you, speak with your primary care physician to best practice this diet safely. If you’re looking for more information, there are many scientific articles written on the topic. My favorite is found here.

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