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To Be Fit, You Can't Have A Say In It

You Shouldn’t Have a Say

Yes, as much as it is your life and as much as you’re desperately seeking to improve it, you should stop giving yourself any say in your actions.

What do I mean by that?

We all have that yet still voice that we hear, who before we have a chance to appreciate our decision, immediately questions the thought. For instance, we all know we should exercise every day to stay healthy and fit.  Yet, why do so many people have a hard time sticking to their workout routine? They leave room for discussion. Because the reality is that we, as humans, have more voices talking us down than talking us up. When I know I should go for a run, I hear a voice say “well you do have to get this business work done,” or “Yeah, but you can run later.” My favorite voice is, “you really should get better shoes so you don’t hurt your knees running.” 

This isn’t just with exercise. As a parent, I know my son loves going to the park. Still, when it gets closer to that time, that small voice begins to whisper “hmm, looks like it’s about to rain,” “it’s too hot out for him,” “I’ve really got to start on cooking dinner now, he can go tomorrow.” We, especially as working parents, all have had this voice begin to speak louder depending on the task at hand that we KNOW we should be performing.

What can we do about it?

Well, just as the title suggests, don’t give yourself a say. When you need to run and those voices try to speak up, just remind yourself “Alex, you don’t have a choice.” That’s why I like writing down goals, I take away that choice. I've got to do 100 push ups, as long as I write it down. Once it’s on the paper, I’ve made up in my mind that it has to get done. When it’s time to take my son to the park, I’ve taken away that back door.

When we do that, we are speaking directly to the body. It’s our bodies releasing chemicals and invoking emotions that impact our thoughts. By giving in, we are allowing the body to control the mind. By taking that choice away, we’re slowly teaching the body to be obedient to our desires.

What does that have to do with working out?

Simply, if we can decide to do what is right and not what is convenient, nothing can stop us. When it’s time to exercise, nothing will be able to pierce that thought and your focus will be unshakable. If it's time to get in some cardio, it won't matter if it's raining outside. You’ll have better relationships with others and a better relationship with yourself. When your body starts to shake and weaken, your mind will remind it of who’s in-charge. 

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”

Tired is the body in control vs Done, which is the mind in control

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