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Women, Should You Be Running

Women, I-we have to commend you. Yet another consideration for training that men will simply never have to deal with.

I get it, and hopefully this article can help shed some light on this topic in a way that helps you direct your fitness journey.

Here is something you should consider: where do I see my breasts in 2-3 years?

If this is something you’ve been actively conscious of, then maybe a consistent running routine isn’t fit for your fitness lifestyle. Although running has amazing health benefits, it can have some negative aesthetic effects for....


The body doesn’t support them very well. There’s not much to keep them stable and immobilized.” Just your skin and a few ligaments. - Dr. Andrea Cheville

With all my female clients, it’s always been my prescription to have a variety of cardio exercises with the intent of minimizing extended running activities. Stationary biking, Treadmill INCLINE walking, HIIT training, high volume leg workouts, etc.


Why? Being sensitive to the concerns of my clients was and is very important. Many women are concerned about sagging breasts with age or weight. And though there are many other factors involved in how firm your breasts are (gravity, time, pregnancy, weight gain /loss, smoking, genetics), the impact of running on them may be something worth considering. They are being held up by no more than skin and a few ligaments. And, over time, they both are stretched in proportion to their support and the forces acting on them.

Running adds exponentially larger forces on that natural support than walking does and in many more different directions as well.

'They need to be supported. You may also find that not wearing a bra will worsen back, shoulders or neck pains and give you headaches - these are all things we could do without right now!' - Sandra Dyke, bra fitting expert

What are some practical steps to take after reading this article?

First, take a look at your training program and see where you can substitute your running/jogging for another cardio activity. I listed a number of them above.

Second, make sure you’re wearing the proper support. Your casual bra is no match for the impact of running on your breasts. Buy a quality sports bra. This is no time to worry about price.

Lastly, speak with your healthcare provider about your collagen levels and what you can do to preserve any aesthetic concerns you may have.

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