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About Us

At Our Core

Revolutionize Fitness aims to be everything the fitness industry is not. We believe fitness has been hijacked by social media influencers and Miami plastic surgeons.
High expectations, click-bait and misinformation take a toll on your self-esteem. Demotivation and rebellious dieting cause you to lose faith in your ability to reach your desired level of fitness.
Revolutionize Fitness is an online community and fitness store bringing the best quality fitness products as well as health and wellness information and support. If you know you're worth more than they make you feel, we're here to help.
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Home exercise equipment l Revolutionize fitness

"Working from home is the way of the future. At-home exercise is a great way to maximize the synergy between time spent at home and your fitness." 


  • Save Time. There’s no traveling or waiting for machines or equipment.
  • Save Money. Avoid gym fees
  • A Home Gym Doesn't Close. You can exercise on your own schedule, no matter the time.
  • Privacy. You can work out without feeling self-conscious. Work on building your self-esteem.
  • Go at your own pace. There’s no pressure to keep up with those around you or to push yourself beyond what’s comfortable.
  • Cleanliness/No germs. No telling the germs people are bringing into the gym. Working out at home is the ultimate way to protect you and your family from the diseases or viruses others may knowing or unknowingly be bringing in.

Some best practices when you exercise at home are to maximize the use of resistance training, body-weight exercises, and cardio. Even the best athletes in the world, with all the equipment at their disposal, still prioritize these principles of fitness. Utilize Resistance bands and Pilates exercises to transform your body.

Alex Cunningham, ATC, Owner 

  • Licensed Sports Medicine Specialist
  • Nutrition coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Former Collegiate Athlete and Coach